Green Growth Index 2020: Measuring performance in achieving SDG targets
December 2020   |   Download Report

First published in 2019, GGGI has envisaged to annually review the Green Growth Index to continuously improve its relevance to policy and decision making. This 2020 technical report highlights two main improvements in the Index this year: first is the computation of trend from 2005 to 2019, and second is the replacement of several proxy variables with more relevant indicators or better data availability. 



Green Growth Index: Concept, methods and applications
October 2019   | Download Report
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This technical report provides detailed information on the indicators for the four green growth dimensions and methods for preparing, checking and aggregating the indicators. It also presents and discusses the results and applications of the Index. The technical report is complemented by metadata, summary report and brochure.

Green Growth Simulation Tool Phase 1 – Concept, Methods and Applications
December 2020   |   Download Report

This GGGI Technical Report No. 17 provides modelers and experts the logical and technical information to understand the coupled system dynamics models for the different green growth indicators in the Simulation Tool. It presents the mathematical and simulation models, as well as flow diagrams showing links between input and output variables and interlinkages between equations.







Achieving Green Growth and Climate Action Post-COVID-19
July 2020   |   Download Report

This technical report explores challenges and opportunities posed by the COVID-19 pandemic, the links between health and climate crises, and the lessons we have learned from past disasters to build back better. This document is intended to serve as a source of information and recommendations for GGGI Members and country teams as they design green COVID-19 recovery plans in the months to come.







Assessment of Complementarities between GGGI’s Green Growth Index and UNEP’s Green Economy Progress Index 
December 2019   |   Download Report

This technical report focuses on empirical assessment and presents the results from the global applications of both indices as well as a detailed discussion of the results for two country case studies, Mexico and China. It also discusses the results for a common application of both methodologies for a selected number of common indicators and key parameters.  







Assessment of feedback from regional expert consultations on the Green Growth Index (Phase 2)
October 2019   |   Download Report

This technical report presents the outcome of the four regional consultation workshops that were conducted through the GGPM Program to validate and enhance the policy relevance of GGGI’s conceptual framework for the Green Growth Index. The main goal of the consultations was to ensure an inclusive and collaborative process in developing the Green Growth Index, which integrates expert preferences and priorities as well as creates a platform for the transparent development of the Index. The report aims to assess how policymakers and other stakeholders understand green growth, why knowledge on green growth diverges across regions, and what common understanding can be integrated in the green growth framework to enhance relevance of the index for policy decision-making.

Assessment and Main Findings on the Green Growth Index
December 2019   |   Download Report

This Insight Brief highlights the assessment and main findings on the Green Growth Index. It presents the scores and ranks of the Index for 115 countries as well as distance to targets and dashboards of the green growth indicators for different regions. Moreover, it intends to provide the policymakers a less technical description of the concept and methods of the Green Growth Index. 

Measuring performance in achieving Sustainable Development Goals to protect natural capital
January 2020   |   Request a copy

The paper discusses the performance on achieving Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) for natural capital protection dimension of the Green Growth Index. This dimension has four pillars including environmental quality, greenhouse gas [GHG] emissions reduction, ecosystem and biodiversity protection, and cultural and social value. The paper concludes that many regions are performing better in environmental quality and GHG emissions reduction, but struggling to improve the low performance in biodiversity and ecosystem protection as well as cultural and social value.





Building a global framework for green growth based on comparative assessments of green growth indices and expert opinions of policy makers
March 2020   |   Download Report

The paper provides a more concise discussion on the analytical approaches adopted in the early phases of developing the Green Growth Index, integrating knowledge from other papers which discuss in details the regional expert consultations and comparative assessments of major green growth related global indices. In the conclusions, the paper highlights the challenges raised by the experts and potentials for strategic collaboration with other international organizations.  






GGGI’s concept for the Green Growth Index: Comparative assessment of relevant global green growth indices
May 2020   |
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The paper discusses the results of comparative assessment of global green growth related indices according to three main aspects – conceptual and practical definitions, conceptual and institutional frameworks, and in-house and consultative design processes. The GGGI’s Green Growth Index is compared to the UNEP’s Green Economy Progress Index, ADB’s and AfDB’s Inclusive Green Growth Index, and Dual Citizen’s Global Green Economy Index. 






Assessment of feedback from global expert consultations on the Green Growth Index 2019
June 2020   |
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The paper presents the results of the expert consultation for the 2019 Green Growth Index. The GGGI continues to develop the Green Growth Index to include more indicators representing SDGs and with better data availability. Before publishing the results of the Green Growth Index, the GGPM team consults with the expert group with members from international organizations and stakeholders from the government, academe and NGOs to get feedback on the updated green growth indicators and results of the Green Growth Index. The consultation uses semi-structured online survey to allow systematic assessment of the feedback and facilitate participation of experts worldwide. 





Social inclusion and green growth transition – building synergy to achieve Sustainable Development Goals
July 2020   |  Request Copy

The paper presents the application of an evidence-based, expert-guided, and participatory green growth-related composite index to measure country performance in achieving Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) for social inclusion. Social inclusion is framed on four pillars – access to basic services and resources, gender balance, social equity, and social protection, representing 12 indicators that are relevant to green growth. The results show that, while globally Africa lags behind in achieving SDG targets relevant to social inclusion, few countries in other regions performs equally poor vis-à-vis other countries in their respective regions.

Natural capital protection indicators: Measuring performance in achieving the Sustainable Development Goals for green growth transition
November 2020   |   Download Report